Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yesterday, Iz decided that she could wait no longer to climb the wall.

She and her Father finally got to try the climbing wall at the gym.  She has been waiting for two years to do this.  See was sooooo excited.....

and I was sooooo proud, and scared.  Did you know that I have an intense fear of heights?  And as it turns out, it doesn't have to be me that is in the air for the fear to kick in.  This was plenty:

And this,

And of course this,

But, at the end of the day it was so worth it to see this,

She was so proud of herself!  I don't know if I have ever seen her so excited.  She LOVED it.  In fact, she wanted to know if we could go again today.  Unfortunately for her, that is going to be a Daddy/Izzy activity and Daddy is out of town.  I do love that face though!  

Day 1

Hello Friends and Family!  Gotta admit, I'm a little bit scared about this blog.  After many months of praying and talking about it, I have decided to start this on line history of what is going on in our lives.  I am hoping that this will be a place where our loved ones from far away, and nearby can catch up with what we have been doing.  This is also going to be a place for me to share the fun things that I find online, not sure if you all know this about me, but I am obsessed with crafting and cooking blogs.  So, let the adventure begin!  I hope you all enjoy!