Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oops, Life kinda took over!

I just realized that it has been close to a month since my last post!  I guess life kind of has a way of taking over, and sometimes only the super important stuff gets done.  I suppose that is how we know what the super important stuff really is!  I have decided that it would be better for me to post and say "Sure was a slow week around here!", than continually posting about the crazy weeks we have been having- that probably gets old.  Yes, they are all crazy.  When you have three young children, the weeks are going to be crazy.  But, it's the kind of crazy that I have been soaking in because I know that it will end all too soon!

I lost my Grammy last week, and I am truly sad.  She hadn't been well for a few years, but I am so happy that she got to meet my daughters!  What a fantastic inspiration she was to me.  I got to spend three weeks with her every summer, and she was always busy.  She drug me around everywhere she went, so I just kind of fell in line behind her.  She was a baker and was famous for her Sticky Buns.  I have learned to make them, but they will never be as yummy as hers were!  She was also a strong woman of God.  She spend many hours cooking and baking for her church.  I am sure they have missed her- they are not as well fed as they once were.  I was able to say goodbye yesterday at her funeral, but luckily, she will always be with me.

My plan is to do a much better job of keeping up in the future.  I am a person who is easily overwhelmed by things, so once I got to be a week behind, it was easier to hide from my computer than face her head on!  I have lots of things to share!  Hope to have the pictures up soon!

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