Thursday, January 19, 2012


Why?  A question that I am asked daily at least a thousand times.  "Why are we wearing that?"  "Why are you wearing that?" "Why are we eating this for breakfast?".   Why, why, why.  Some times I have answers.  Other times I resort to, "Because I said so!"  Try as I might not to, sometimes it slips out.  This particular why that I am asking is an introspective question.  Why am I writing this blog?

When I began this, it was to keep in touch with family that is out of town.  I quickly realized that I love to share recipes.  Love, love, love.  I also love to share crafting ideas that I come across, (some of them I actually try to do.).  However, now that I am actually trying to keep up with this blog thing, it is starting to overwhelm me.  Lots of times throughout the day, I think, "Huh, that would be cool to blog about."  And then proceed to not do anything about it.  Lazy.

I confess, I am terribly lazy.  I put things off, don't do things, and make excuses all of the time about why I can't do things.  I feel like people give me a lot of slack because of the kids.  They afford me some refuge from all of the things that I feel like I should do, and, all of the things that I know I would love to do.  The problem is, I still feel that I want to do lots of these things.  Almost a guilt that I am not being "crafty" enough.

There are lots of things out there to do- just check out Pinterest.  My problem is discerning which are important.  I have ADD.  Self diagnosed, of course.  But after living as me for all of these years, I know my brain.  I do not like to focus on one thing for prolonged periods of time.  I see something pretty and think to myself, "Sure would like to do that".   Then I file it in the "To do" file in my brain.  There, it creates clutter.  I am not a huge fan of clutter and every once in a while I have to go through and clean house.  I have to let go of the idea of doing some things, simply because there is not enough time.  Or, I do not have enough energy.  Or, I am too lazy to do it.

All of this is to say that I am trying to find my way with this blog.   There are days that I think I am just going to post about recipes that I make.  Then I come across a craft or activity that I think my friends would like to see, or do, and I want to post that.  Do you see what I mean about the ADD?  It's kinda like "Oh look, shiny things, oh there's another one, ohh, ohh another."  And it doesn't stop.  That's why the internet is such a bad thing for me.  I have spent so much time looking that I have actually stopped doing! So, I am taking it back.  Now, that doesn't mean that Pinterest is going to lose one of it's most prolific pincers, let's not talk silly talk.  But, I am going to be posting mostly recipes, but every once in a while something fun that we've done, or funny stories.

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  1. You can do it Amy! I'm a self diagnosed ADD gal too! Maybe that's helped me in the blog world - at least it helps me keep track of some recipes, ideas, etc! :) Your blog is what you want it to be - no guilt allowed!