Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Organizational Tools

Today has been a little bit tough.  This morning, I dropped Izzy off at school and headed to CBS (Community Bible Study) with Liv.  After dropping Iz off at school, Liv told me that she didn't feel so good.  As we walked in to CBS Liv told me again that she didn't feel well, and asked if we could find a muffin for her to eat.  Unfortunately, there was nothing to eat (which was a blessing) and as we stood talking to Liv's teacher she got sick.  Poor little thing.  I think that this is only the second time (since infancy) that she has gotten sick.  So, she has been laying on the couch since we got home.  Luckily, for the health of everyone else in our home, our sitter was here today and took Izzy and Syd to the park.

I had a baking project planned (more on that later)  and Liv really wanted to be my sous baker.  She tried, but just couldn't do it and has been asleep on the couch for about an hour.  Which gave me some "free" time that I wasn't expecting.  I decided to check out some of my fav blogs and found something that I think is fantastic.   A website called Volunteer Spot.  I have been a huge fan of Sign Up Genius since it was recommended to me, but this is so much more!  Don't get me wrong, Sign Up Genius is still my go- to as I am so familiar with it, but- this is awesome!  The site has a ton of free downloadable ebooks on volunteering.  Everything from "Room Mom Survival Guide", to "DIY Neighborhood Summer Camps".  So, if you feel like getting the neighborhood kiddos together this summer for a summer camp.  Here is your resource.

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