Monday, March 14, 2011

Who Says Girls Don't Like Mud?

The past few weeks have been pretty wet and cold here in Northern Virginia.   This weekend, however, we spent drying out.  The sun was bright and we wanted to spend some time outside.  Because our yard was in the forest one year ago, we are working on it.  The grass was planted the week before we moved in (October 23rd.) and has done amazingly well, but drainage is somewhat of an issue.  Here are some pics from our adventure in the backyard.

This was just the beginning.  Notice Liv doesn't know quite what to think.  She isn't a fan of the mud!  Iz however is in heaven!

You can see Liv thought better of it and ran away!

This is the "horse" that the girls found in the woods.  His name is Coco.

All in all we had a great weekend.  I can not wait for the weather to get better!  Hopefully, before the end of April, we will have a playset to play on in the back yard.    I am blessed to have girls who think mud is fun!  By the way, if you are wondering where Syd is, it was nap time for her:)

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