Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jumping Up and Down

Sunday was my very favorite day of the year at our church!  On Palm Sunday, the kids come in waving palm branches and singing a song called "Jumping Up and Down, Hosanna".  Even before my kids were involved in the jumping, I cried.   Now that two of the three are in it, forget about it.  I was a mess!  Thankfully, I was able to hide behind my camera.

In this video, you can't really see either of my children.  Liv is the tiny red bow that is attached to her teacher's leg.  You can probably tell what kind of morning we had.  

Here's Izzy, you really have to pay attention to pick her out of the crowd.  

So much fun!  And so awesome to see these kids jumping for our Lord Jesus Christ!  Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. How adorable! I cannot WAIT until next year when Noah is old enough to participate!!