Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Planning Monday

Someone asked me last week if posting a planned menu helped me to stick with the plan.  Unfortunately, not so much! It has, however, helped me save time at the grocery store:)  Not sure if it has helped in the saving money department.  I am not so committed to it that I look at what is on sale each week to plan my menus.  I pretty much just plan what sounds good to me and go from there.  We are starting a new week- and with that a new plan!  Having said all of that,  Mike traveling this week and the girls have a recital, so it will be a crazy.  I will give it the old college try though!  Hope it inspires someone out there.

Monday- Dinner at Life Time- Liv swimming Lessons
Tuesday- Chicken with Feta Sauce, Basil Orzo (from two weeks ago:()
Wednesday: Silly Night- Oatmeal Pancakes (new recipe)
Thursday- Grilled Chicken with Creamy Polenta and Roasted Broccoli  
Friday-  Grandma and Papa are here hooray!!!  Surf and Turf (crab cakes and steaks on the grill), Grilled Asparagus and Potato Packets
Saturday- Orcchiette with mini Chicken Meatballs-  a family fave

Today, it is 82 here!  So happy, that means we can use the grill more.  Yay! 

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