Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Pictures

Sorry that I have not posted this week.  Lots of things around her are coming to a close, and I had lots to do. I did want to share some of the pictures that we took on Easter. 
 I just can't believe how big the girls are getting!  
The girls before church- love the dresses!! They came from Here .

It isn't very often that I actually get in the picture!

Daddy's girls- typical Liv!
The girls getting ready for the egg hunt at Grandma's

The shirts came from Here.

These next pictures are of the girls playing with Cascarones.  Cascarones are eggs that come from Mexico, (or South Texas), that are blown out and filled with confetti.  Grandma and Grandpa always bring some home from their winter trip.  The object of the "game" is to hit eggs with your opponent and crack their egg.  The person with the last egg standing is the winner.  However, what usually happens around our house is, the girls take turns for a few rounds and then it breaks out into a free for all with confetti flying everywhere!  

This is the beginning of the free for all- check out Izzy's face!

Then Dad gets involved.  And the baby always ends up looking like this!

We hope you all had a fantastic Easter.  He is risen!!!!  Amen!

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