Saturday, April 9, 2011


Last weekend we decided to buy the two older girls Rollerblades.  Actually, we decided to buy Izzy Rollerblades, and then Liv decided that she wasn't leaving the store without her own Rollerblades.  So, we ended up with Rollerblades for everyone. Well, except Syd- and myself, and Mike.  When you see the pictures, know that I have since purchased elbow and knee pads for the girls.  Also note the helmet that Syd is wearing.  She insists on wearing it everywhere when we are outside.  She just wants to be one of the girls, and do what the other two are doing.  So funny!

This is the beginning, and when we discovered that our driveway sloped into the woods, and the mud.

Liv fell in style,  then decided to stay there for awhile.  Then just laid down!

Eventually, though: 

Izzy is getting more practice and the balance comes along with it.  Liv isn't a huge fan, but we will keep trying!  Here are some others I took that day.

"I want my own scooter"

Helping Dad.  Gotta train them early.

Getting a little help from Dad.

"I love my new helmet"

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